Why Happiness Isn’t Waiting For You At Your Goal Weight

When we set goals we often believe that achieving them will bring us the happiness we’ve been waiting for.

“I’ll be so much happier once I lose these 20lbs.”

“If I can fit into a size 6 by June I’ll be so proud of myself.”

“I’ll like what I see in the mirror once I lose this baby weight.”

All of these thoughts are actually saying that they can’t have the feeling of happier, proud, and liking what they see in the mirror unless they achieve their goal.

Why is this a problem?

Because like we’ve talked about before, losing the weight isn’t the big problem.  You have problems, and to avoid dealing with them we buffer (distract ourselves) with food.

Food is the cheapest and easiest thing to find that will give us a dopamine hit to feel better.

So again, if we take away the food… you’re still left with your problems that you don’t want to deal with.

Two things happen here.

First, you’ll find that you’re still unhappy, dissatisfied and uncomfortable.

Two, when you’re uncomfortable you’re body still looks for something to make it feel better.

This means that you’ll find something else to buffer with.

Could be drinking, shopping, drugs… anything else that offers a temporary “good feeling” and can be addictive (the way food was your buffer).

What you need to do before you even start on your goal is to get to the root of why you’re overweight.

Yes, you’re overeating, but why?

What are you hiding from?

Grab a piece of paper and start a list of all the things going on in your life that make you uncomfortable.

These can range from a grudge against a friend, to the stress of raising a family.

Once you’ve finished your list, write down one simple step you could take with each item to start your process of overcoming it.

Of course this can cause discomfort, but anything that helps you move forward in your life will.

As you start to overcome your problems, the weight naturally falls too (without you even worrying about it).

Don’t think about weight loss goals, think about problem solving goals.

Let’s spring clean your closet of problems so you can feel good TODAY, rather than sometime in the future.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us info@theshredlife.com if you want any help or guidance through this process.  We’ve got you!

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