The Main Reason You Haven’t Had Success Losing Weight

The Real Reason You Haven’t Had Success Losing Weight

A lot of people believe that there are two ways to lose weight- through fancy diets or nutrition/exercise.

Make no mistake, you can have a lot of success losing weight these ways, but it’s bound to come to an end with a bigger weight gain.
Why does weight loss seem like a life-long journey?
How come it isn’t easier?
What many don’t know is that diet and exercise are only a small piece of the bigger problem.
Everyone has discomfort somewhere in their life.
Be it issues at work, difficulty at home, struggles in relationships, stress with making it all happen.
All of these things make us uncomfortable, and do you know what the brain HATES?
Being uncomfortable.
Yep, our brain’s main goal is to seek pleasure, avoid pain, and limit the effort we have to put forth.
When we are faced with our problems our brain typically responds with “let’s not deal with this right now, let’s avoid confrontation, let’s just be angry at home, don’t bother telling them how you feel- it’s easier not to” and so on.
When we feel uncomfortable our brain wants us to feel comfort as soon as possible.
What is the typically the closest, cheapest, most available form of comfort?
It gives you an instant dopamine hit which calms your brain down and makes you feel better.
Once our brains remember that this was a simple and quick fix then the next time it feels uncomfortable again, it knows exactly what to do.
We live in a world where the stress is high, the pace is fast, and food is cheap.
This is the real problem.
So what can we do to lose weight for good?
You need to learn how to deal with your problems and discomfort.
Lucky for you, you’re in the right place 🙂
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