The End Is Near



The end is near, the end is near!

No, I am not standing on a corner wanting to scare you into my religion.

I am excited that the weeding out from the overcrowding over resolutions is almost over! We are almost done hearing about those resolutions that will never happen for people.

That’s right, about 50% of those people who made resolutions have already given up.

In fact, they never even really started to be honest. They told themselves they were going to lose weight, stop drinking, be happier, blah, blah, blah. But, here we are 3 weeks into the new year and they have not done a thing to make it happen. They didn’t write it down anywhere, they kept it in their head and told a few people in passing. They didn’t make a plan and organize their plan in a calendar so they knew what to do when to do it, and how much time they had to do it. They didn’t follow any of the simple tips and tricks we give in The Shred Life, to make any goal/outcome a reality.

If you are serious about a goal and want it bad enough, here is what it takes:

  1. Dream: Don’t sit there and set goals for your life based on what you think you can do. You gotta dream a little, let go of reality and stop getting lost in the “how” of things. Take a minute, sit back and dream. “I want a private jet and $10,000,000 in the bank” is a little different than “I would like to travel somewhere this year and have enough money to do it”. One is specific and scary as hell, the other is very safe and open to anything so when you hit a bump in the road and doubt yourself you can change your idea from traveling overseas to maybe just driving to a local B&B. That’s not the point, don’t give yourself room, don’t play it safe. Make your goal so specific and so scary that you have no choice but to work at it and make it so.
  2. Write it down: Putting your ideas on paper gives them power. Reading your idea aloud makes it seem a bit scarier, which is key. We grow through discomfort, so if your goal doesn’t scare you, you aren’t dreaming big enough.
  3. Prepare for the worst- yourself: Now think about all the things that will come up to get in your way. All the doubt, fear, and shame you will feel along the way. Write them down as obstacles and write how you will overcome those obstacles. It important to sit for a minute and think about all the nasty things you will say to yourself, all the critics who will give you “advice” and try and stop you, and all the challenges life will put in your way. Once you figure those out and develop a strategy ahead of time for them you will be fully prepared.
  4. Plan it: This is where you now figure out each little step ti will take and plan it out in a calendar so you know when to do it, and how much time you have to do it. Give yourself little chunks of time to accomplish these tasks. Break them down and make it part of your day, instead of trying to fit it in after everything else.
  5. Never stop pushing: This is a difference between winning and losing. You have to commit to obtaining your goal/outcome NO MATTER WHAT. So when things come up, you allow the feelings to be there and let them process and then get back to work. When an obstacle comes, you deal with it and keep going. When something isn’t working, you adjust and try it differently and keep going. Goals are all based on little adjustments along the way. but if failure isn’t an option you need to just find out how to keep moving forward and never stop until you have the outcome.

The rules are simple, we can all understand the above. But KNOWLEDGE is not power, EXECUTION is the true power of anything. You can read this 100 times and understand it, agree with it, you can even tell others about it. but without EXECUTION it’s not going to change a thing for you.

So, now that 50% of those “resolutioners” are out of the way, taking up less energy in the goals universe, its time to shine. It’s time to make those goals happen. Lose that weight, improve that relationship, make that money, get that job. Whatever it is, it is completely possible if you are willing to execute.

So, are you willing to execute?

If you want help with your goal, making it happen, and crushing everything in your way then check out our Shred Mastermind monthly coaching group where we take all of these concepts and we study them, we discuss them, and we help apply them in your life with unlimited coaching along the way. Contact us

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