The Best Time To Lose Weight

We often hear “on Monday I’m going to start a new exercise routine.”

“Next month I’m going to go all-in on this diet.”

“I’m just waiting on the warmer weather before I begin that.”

There always seems to be a better time than today to begin working toward a health goal.

Why is that?

What is so attractive about not starting now?

Well for starters, you can put off the work.

You can put off the discomfort.

You can put off making the change.

Basically, our brain can stay comfortable and…well…lazy!

But what if we take a look at what your body thinks about that…

“She doesn’t love me enough to put me first.”

“I can’t keep up like this.”

“Why does she keep feeding me this crap?”

How does that make you feel?

I’m sure when you think of putting something off, you don’t think of the ramifications it has on your body.

Your brain is too focused on finding ways to keep “change” out of your schedule that it will even try to prevent what you need most.

And what you need most is to start.

And to stop with the excuses.

Because the bottom line is that if you don’t just start right now, your chances of starting at all are slim.

Look at your goal, decide that you want it more than anything, and get to it.

Your body will thank you.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals, please email us

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