Seeing Life In A New Way

I’ve seen the same optometrist for the last 25 years and would say my vision is normal.

I mean… I don’t see perfectly, I can’t read license plates, I find most things to be too bright and I squint a lot- but my optometrist has never expressed concern, so I’m assuming I’m normal?

I guess you could say I’ve accepted that my vision is mediocre and I’ve learned to live like that.

A few weeks ago our puppy ate my glasses.

My prescription had expired, so I booked an eye appointment with an optometrist in our new town.

I completely underestimated the change that was headed my way.

Dr. John (my new favourite human) asked me questions about my vision, what I struggle with and did the standard testing.

He explained to me that my vision issues were very different from what I had been told my whole life and that my glasses were doing me no favours.

He asked if I was tired a lot.

I said YES.

He explained how my eyes were working overtime 24/7 to focus, which is why they’re ready to call it a night at 3pm, and how adding even standard lighting to my vision makes it harder to see.

He had me look through many different lenses and to my amazement I could actually see things clearer than ever before.

I have always thought it was normal for things to be a blurry 10ft+ away and to not be able to focus on the features of a face immediately upon seeing someone.

That’s just how it’s been all my life and my doctor (for 25 years) didn’t see an issue with it either.

Then I meet Dr. John and he tells me I don’t have to live that way, that my vision can be so much better and it will make my life a lot easier.

Coaching is so similar.

Most people don’t realize that their lives can be better than they are right now.

They’ve settled with their current results because “it’s always been that way, my past is full of reasons why it can’t be any better.”

What if someone could ask you great questions and then help you try some new lenses on?

What could happen?

Maybe you’d see that life CAN be different.

Maybe you’d see common threads that you don’t want to keep.

Maybe you’d see an opportunity for less stress and more focus in your life.

Maybe you’d see that your goals, hopes and dreams aren’t as far off in the distance as you thought.

I invite you to feel the amazement I felt at my appointment.

Let us help you try on some new lenses and show you the life you dream of isn’t that far away!

If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can help you achieve your goals, please email us

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