Perfection = Depression

We did a deep dive in Shred Mastermind this month on perfectionism and the pain associated with holding yourself to that ideological state in life.

The reality is, perfect isn’t real, and the pursuit of it sets us up for failure before we even begin. Perfection, which isn’t real, is actually the lowest possible standard any human can hold themselves to. Think about it, you can never achieve it, and it only brings pain to your life. Based on that, a perfectionist actually holds themselves to the lowest possible standard all in their pursuit of what they think is the highest possible standard.

Sounds crazy right?



Well, to think about perfection and hold yourself to that low standard (subconsciously), gives us ample opportunity to justify what we do not achieve in life. We can say things like “well nobody’s perfect” or “perfect isn’t possible”, but while we say it vocally, our subconscious still strives for it because its a belief we carry.

Can you think of any other reasons in your life that you intellectually know is silly, but you still act, think, or do it anyway subconsciously?

That’s the power of well-built belief system.

As our Frozen fans would say “Let It Go”. Because the reality is Perfection = depression and progress = happiness. Choose progress, however small, and make it so much easier to feel joy along the way.

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