Loving Yourself First

Love yourself

Happy Valentines Day Shredders!

Today is a day we celebrate love, relationships, and all the feels that come with these. But do you really need a partner, another person, an external source to bring you those feels?

The truth is if you’re looking for love, looking for that relationship, or just looking for a deeper connection with the one you have then you first have to look in the mirror. The majority of people who aren’t fulfilled in love and happiness are not truly in love or happy with themselves. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s the truth!

If you don’t like spending time with yourself, why would anyone else?

If you don’t think you’re fun to be around, why would anyone else?

If you don’t think you are loveable, why would anyone else?

The next time you are looking for external validation of love, are wanting someone to tell you how fun you are to be around or crave that affection, reward yourself with some alone time. Commit to showing yourself love and give yourself the gift of feeling fulfilled in the all powerful emotion of love.

You deserve it today, and everyday.

Love yourself and the rest will follow.

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