LOA: As Easy As Ordering A Hamburger

Law of Attraction

LOA stands for Law Of Attraction and it’s a fascinating topic. At it’s core, it is actually responsible for the entire Shred Life movement and why we are doing what we are doing for all our Shredders today.

So what is it?

Well LOA is much like other laws we know and believe. Law of Gravity and Law of Physics are things we know to be true and surround us every day in every way. Law of Attraction is the exact same thing. You may have read “The Secret” or watched the documentary Oprah raved about in the early 2000’s, but that’s really not it at all. Without getting into the Quantum Physics (which is incredible), LOA is based on the magnetic energy of your feelings and the source energy of the universe working together to give you what you think about and feel most often.

downloadJess Lively (The Lively Show Podcast) recently explained it in such a simple way. It’s really as easy as ordering a hamburger. You go into a place, sit down and look at a menu full of words and descriptions. A random, unknown person comes to your table and asks “What can I get you?”, and you reply “I’ll take the hamburger with cheese”.

That random person will walk away with what you’ve just told them, go into the kitchen, and tell a group of people to begin manifesting something you ordered (which was based on your feeling). That team will work together to form a patty, toast a bun, slice the cheese, cut the lettuce, add a tomato, and so on. They will take a bunch of random ingredients and conspire together to build something you requested. Once it’s complete, someone will bring it right to you, place it in front of you and you will enjoy it. Let’s think about this…you did no physical work to create it, you didn’t buy the groceries, you didn’t cook the meat, you didn’t bake the bun- you simply put it out there at the right time to the right person, what you wanted. Now imagine that kitchen is the universe, and instead of a cheeseburger, you desire to lose weight, and put that in their hands to conspire for you.

LOA is working all the time. Now here’s where you need to follow closely and make room for your mind to expand.

Wondering why things haven’t been working out for you?  It’s all in the language and thoughts you have.

If you think negative/lacking thoughts, you will find yourself in more scenarios to prove those negative/lacking thoughts. It’s important to understand this when you’re thinking about things you really want.  Usually when we think of things we want, we first recognize that we don’t have it.  So when you think that you want money, you think about how you don’t have it and need more.  Someone working with LOA would feel gratitude ahead of time for the money they believe is coming their way.  And when you can feel gratitude ahead of time, the universe delivers more reasons to feel that gratitude. It will provide evidence (money) so you can continue to feel grateful.  When you think about not having enough, the universe will deliver more evidence for you to feel like you don’t have enough money.  Do you see how the language makes a huge difference?

Don’t believe me?

Quick…think about what you feel most often?

Do you find you keep finding evidence to feel that way?  That’s because the universe is delivering outcomes to you based on those thoughts.

Looking for love?

How often do you think “I’ll never find that special someone, I’ll be alone forever”?  Thinking these thoughts just makes the universe deliver more evidence to add to your belief that you’ll never find someone and will be alone.

What if you started feeling full of love today?

Start really loving yourself inside and out and the universe will conspire to deliver more love to your life.

Want to lose weight?

How often do you doubt your ability to lose weight? “I’ll never lose this weight, I’ve failed so many times before.”  Thinking these thoughts leaves you feeling dissatisfied with your current body, which is what the universe will keep delivering the feeling of in ways of failure or weight gain.

What if you started affirming “I am strong enough, I can lose the weight” and started loving your body TODAY?

The universe could then begin delivering more opportunities to love your body through weight loss, increases strength, smaller sizes, and lots of other amazing things.

It’s possible that some of you think LOA is “woo-woo” and too “out-there”, but in reality, it’s just quantum physics at work, and source energy working either for you or against you. It’s totally your choice based on your thoughts and your feelings. Be better to yourself in your thoughts and feelings and watch the world start working in your favour.

If you want to learn more about LOA and start applying this in your life, or would like more information on how we can help you achieve your goals, please email us info@theshredlife.com

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