How I Took Control Of My Family’s Eating Habits

 We’ve just come back from a 10 day family vacation.

We ate out for every single meal.

Needless to say, I’d be happy to avoid restaurants and quick fixes for a long time.

I actually found myself day dreaming of home cooked meals.

I thought a lot about how I’d like to change the food that comes into our home and goes into our bodies.

It’s important when we start to feel that motivation to do better for ourselves and our family to get organized.

I searched online for new recipes, I asked my kids what their favourite fruits and vegetables (ha!) are, I planned out two weeks of meals and made my shopping list.

All while still on vacation.

Our first morning home I went and got all of our groceries, prepped everything into easy-grab containers, and felt like a rockstar.

The most important thing I did, above all these, was create an eating schedule for my kids.

I hear “I’m hungry, can I have a snack?” on average every 5 minutes.

They’re not hungry, they’re bored.

And society has taught them (just like us) that food is a great soother for an uncomfortable feeling.

Now they have breakfast, and then alternate between snack and meal each 2.5 hours.

I figured I was in for some serious rebellion or backlash from them, but with a very clear schedule they haven’t asked once.

I should mention, no snacks are given if their meal wasn’t completed.

This has been huge for our family so far and I feel like I’ve done the best I can for our children.

I know this can seem tricky to others, because that used to be me.

I’ve had the kids who are hungry 24/7 yet don’t want their meals, who won’t eat any vegetables and very little fruit, my three year old hasn’t eaten supper in over a year (he just snacks or will gladly go to bed hungry).

We may not have control over what our kids will and won’t accept or eat, but we have full control over what we offer them as food in our home.

I’m not saying that they’re going to start eating vegetables tomorrow, but it does teach them a valuable skill…opening up their minds to new things.

If you’re feeling stuck on the family meals like I was, I highly recommend trying these tips.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals, please email us

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