Having One Of Those Days?

My favourite watch smashed.

I waited 40 minutes in line at a store.

The coffee I bought was half full.

The lunch I bought looked picked at.

I waited 20 minutes in another line.

I locked my keys in my car.

I had to stand in the pouring rain.

My freshly styled hair and dry clean only shirt got soaked.

I didn’t make it to my kids in time.

The sweater I’ve promised my son is sold out.

I spent 4 hours reading with him last night and his teacher won’t count it toward his goal.

My daughter got suspended by her favourite app because she spelled “bewitched” wrong in their game.

Tonight’s plans with friends had to be cancelled because I forgot I have to work.

It’s been a really long day.

I’m tired. Physically and mentally.

But I understand that no matter how high you’re vibrating, 50% of life is going to be amazing and 50% of life is going to be crap.

Knowing that, I’ve remained quite calm today.

None of these things have set me off, had me raise my voice, or say “why me!?”

This is life.

I’m expecting there will be bad days.

Why would I choose to be dramatic about it when I know that drama doesn’t create positive change?

It would add to things I’m already frustrated about and ruin my day as well as the days of anyone in my path.

Instead I’ve called it a night.

I’m in bed early, telling the universe “good game” and ready for a new day.

I like to think that now I’ve got a good amount of bad days under my belt this month and it must mean I’m making room for greatness.

How do you show up on bad days?

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