Get Uncomfortable

Do you like being comfortable?

How often are you stuck in your comfort zone?

As humans we strive for comfort, we think it’s safe, it feels good. But every time you’re comfortable you’re standing still, not moving forward.

Getting uncomfortable on a regular basis is the secret to success in any area of your life. Try something new, do something you haven’t done before, do something that scares you.

If you’re comfortable, you’re not working hard enough.

Stepping out of the comfort zone raises anxiety and generates a stress response. This results in an enhanced level of concentration and focus. That concentration and focus makes you super human, and able to accomplish amazing things.

How do great people achieve unbelievable things?

They step out of their comfort zone.

Simple as that!

Don’t like to run? Go for a run.

Hate your job? Quit it and find something new.

Unhappy in a relationship? Face the issue and talk about it.

Not making enough to money? Get out there and make more.

Does reading that make you uncomfortable?

That means it’s working.

The other question I get asked is “how do you get comfortable with being uncomfortable?”


As soon as you start feeling comfortable change it up again. Do something else, push harder, run further, level up, keep growing.

So what are you going to do this week that makes you uncomfortable?

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