👁FOCUS👁, one word with limitless power…
What do you focus on in your day?
Is it the amazing life you’re working hard at creating?
Is it that fantastically fit body you’ve always wanted?
Is it the incredible blessings you have all around you?
Sadly, for most people, it’s none of the above. Most of us focus on the issues, the problems, and the excuses that are holding us back from living the life we want.
Why is that?
Simple, we love being a victim. It seems so much easier for us to fall victim to these circumstances rather than to just own them, find a way around them, and create something amazing. As a victim, we can blame these “other” things and not take responsibility for ourselves.
You are becoming exactly whatever it is you focus on. If you focus on problems, you amplify the problems. If you focus on excuses, you provide power to the excuses. If you focus on becoming successful, you will become successful. It really is that easy!
The focus is simply taking your thoughts, feelings, and actions and directing them in a way that gives you the results you want. If you do that relentlessly with FOCUS then it will happen.
So what will you focus on today?

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