Do You Worry?

Do you worry?

Of course you do, we all do…so what’s the problem?

Worry is giving control to your anxiety and fear. It allows your mind to dwell on the negative. Sound familiar?

Worrying is a disease. It really is. Some of us suffer greatly from it. We suffer so much that it completely takes over and when we worry constantly it holds us back from so much else.

Imagine if you never worried- what would you do with all that free time? Seriously!

The worst part is when we worry it DOES NOTHING for the situation. It is simply the biggest waste of time.

If you worry about your plane taking off, will that prevent it from crashing? NO.

If you worry about your bank account, does someone deposit money anonymously overnight? NO.

If you worry about your job, does it stop you from getting fired? NO.

Worry is a feeling and the good news about that is EVERY feeling is caused by a thought you’re having. So if you stop thinking about the plane crashing, you won’t feel worried. If you stop thinking negatively about your bank account, you won’t worry about it. If you stop thinking about getting fired, then you won’t worry about losing your job.

Okay, so wait. All I have to do is change my thought?


Okay wait, so I’m not supposed to think about my money or my job?

Not exactly…

Think about your money, but think positive constructive thoughts that serve the situation and show up as a hungry animal who will do what they need to do to make the situation better.

Think about your job, but think about how you can kill it today and show up to work with the tenacity of a cheerleader a week before prom without a date. Do so well that no one would even imagine firing you.

I’m not saying you will never worry, worrying is part of the human condition, BUT you can be conscious of the worry and make a choice. Do I let this worry take me away from something great? Or do I fight back and kick the worry to the curb because it doesn’t serve me today?

I hear what you’re saying…real dangers do exist and you do need to be aware of them. But worry and awareness are two VERY different things. Being aware lets you focus and take precautions to avoid a situation that is unwanted. Worry causes you to obsess over the situation which is different than focus. Obsession is dangerous and takes over everything you see, think and feel. Awareness is a ready and cautious state that is meant to protect you.

Ask yourself this each time: Will this worry improve the situation? (Hint- the answer is always NO)

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