Are You Afraid Of The Scale?

Are You Afraid Of The Scale?

Have you weighed yourself today?
Have you stepped on the scale to see what it says?
How uncomfortable does that question make you?

Don’t feel that way.
The scale is just another tool that helps us along our journey.
It tells us how our week was and what we need to do for the week ahead.
The difference between your body this week and next week,
is what you do for the next seven days to achieve your goals.
Are you staying on protocol?
Are you putting in the work?
In our Shred Mastermind group, we have a few members seeing numbers on the scale that they haven’t seen in years.
They made friends with the scale, ate healthy and put in the work.
They are seeing RESULTS!
Everyone in the group is feeling their joy!
So, what is your plan for the week ahead?
What are you going to do so that you see results too?

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