5 Ways To Lose 10LBS In 5 Weeks For That Wedding


It’s officially wedding season and if you’re not the bride to be, chances are you know someone getting married and means you need to squeeze into that summer dress with your winter body.

Fear not, because we can help you lose 10lbs in just 5 weeks with these simple strategies that you can start right now!

  1. Give up sugar:  That’s right, we are coming out of the gate swinging.  Sugar is a white coloured devil.  Can you stop drinking pop, eating sweets and all the added sugar in your diet for 5 weeks?  Sugars greatly affect our hormones and metabolism and are the main thing holding back your weight loss.  Can you fight the cravings, deal with the desires for just a few weeks to detox from the sugar addictions? This small change can add up to almost 1lb a week (or more) alone!
  2. Hydrate:  You should be getting half your body weight in ounces each day.  Taking in the right amount of water will not only help your metabolism, but speed up weight loss.
  3. Sweat:  You knew this was coming, didn’t you?  You need to get physical at least three times a week.  Fitness is fair- the more you give to it, the more it will give back to you.  So while three times per week is a good start, if you really want to see the changes in five weeks you should be getting increasing your workouts as the weeks go on.
  4. Flour:  Flour is the other white coloured devil.  It’s processed, addictive and does nothing for your weight loss goals (except get in the way of them).  Flour, like sugar, is in a lot of what we commonly eat and will take effort to modify your diet.  The more you can reduce or eliminate flour the faster you will see results.
  5. Fat:  Contrary to what you may believe, you’re going to want to consume this regularly.  We all have this fear of fat making us fat, but it’s actually the opposite.  It’s the flour and sugar that cause the problem and fat keeps us healthy and lean when eaten with the right diet.  Think of salads with cheese and veggies and a creamy dressing.  It’s good and it’s good for you.  It’s when you throw in croutons and a side of bread that you’ll have a problem.

Remember, we didn’t say this is easy, we said it’s possible.

We actually build all of our protocols and programs with the same functional rules and guidelines.  We do it because they work!  They are also sustainable.  You don’t really think you will never eat of a piece of cake or slice of pizza again, do you?  It’s about understanding the difference between a joy eat (one a week treat) and falling off the wagon.

If you are serious about this weight loss and want help, email us info@theshredlife.com for more information on how we can custom tailor a program for you.

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