Are You Really Ready To Change?

Are You REALLY Ready To Change?


We just got back from our amazing “The Science of You” 2.5 day Retreat in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario. Picture a beautiful multi-million dollar cottage right on the lake, with 8 curious people looking to rediscover themselves and two rockstar coaches ready to completely transform people. Magical, just magical.
The biggest thing people are looking for at the retreat is change. They want to change their story, they want to change their beliefs, and ultimately they want to change their life. It was clear in the first few hours that everyone had a very unique story and was open enough to explore it and interested in changing it to pursue the life they deserve.
One of my most favourite things is to witness transformation. That moment when someone steps out of their story and looks back at themselves and sees someone who is stronger, more capable, and worthy of a life they never thought possible. This moment of insight can propel someone to achieve goals they never thought possible for them. That to us is simply magic, and to that person it is completely life changing.
The only problem is, is that single moment is just that, a moment. They need to take the tools, lessons, and strategies we develop for them and apply them in their life over the next few days and weeks to start to create routines and habits that will eventually deliver the change they desire.
The real secret to lasting change and transformation is consistency and relentlessness. Consistency is doing the hard things everyday. Keep telling yourself your mission statement, keep living your new found values and beliefs that we develop at the retreat, and not reverting back to the old story that led them into the life they so badly wanted to change. Relentlessness is doing the work even when it seems difficult, and it will seem difficult at times.
Change isn’t fun, it’s not easy, and it’s often misunderstood. You don’t have to be a different person, you just have to tap into your true self and that’s just enough to be a healthy, happier version of who you are.
What would you change about your thoughts? Do you bully yourself?
What would you change about your feelings? Do you feel negative feelings more often than not?
What actions do you often take that you would change? Do you take action that leads to your goals or do you self sabotage?
What results in your life do you wish you could change? Do you find yourself wishing it went differently or regretting decisions you’ve made?
All of this can be solved with a few simple steps. It’s being honest, understanding what you want to change, and then making a MAP (Massive Action Plan) to change it.
If you want to change, and are truly ready for what it takes to not only change, but transform, then we would love to help. You can setup a FREE coaching call with us anytime to just chat about change, transformation, or any area of your life. Simply email us at to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to talk to a coach for free.
Sitting around thinking about the past, reliving the failures, and worrying or wishing things would be better won’t help. The only way to change, is to face it head on, ask for help, and get a custom plan for you.
To all our retreaters, go out there and live your new found truth. Who you are and what you want. You’ve got this!

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