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In fall of 2015, I found myself in a dark place. Despite being surrounded by a lot of love and blessings, for some reason I didn’t feel fulfilled. I wasn’t sure what was missing or why I felt this way, but I did feel tremendous guilt about it.

Like many of us, I also found that eating could provide temporary relief from the pain I was feeling. It had become such an ingrained habit that I wasn’t even consciously doing it. By the time I’d realize I was snacking I’d be at the bottom of a chip bag.
As my weight and unhappiness continued to increase I decided I needed to do something about it.

I searched for different options and felt a connection with life coaching. I immediately started learning incredible tools that helped me manage my mind, get down to the root causes of my feelings, and most importantly, change my mindset. My relationships, parenting, self-confidence and eating habits started to shift and I could see the value in coaching as a tool. It was then that I decided to go to California for an intensive coach training.

During my certification process, I created a personal protocol on how to become my best self- through weight loss and mindset. While going through this I experienced a major transformation. The incredible part of this is how simple it all was! By making very small changes in my daily routine I was able to drop over 20lbs and make massive shifts in my thinking. As a certified life and weight coach I now dedicate my time to helping others experience the same transformations.

I joined forces with my fellow coach and husband, Dave Moreno, where we’ve taken our knowledge, experience, and personal successes to create a revolutionary program called Shred Mastermind. The program helps clients get down to (and sustain!) their natural weight while learning and applying the tools to manage their minds. It’s a program that combines all the best aspects of coaching, nutritional support, weight loss guidance, and best of all an incredibly supportive community that makes the transformation much easier.

These skills can be used in every aspect of your life and truly change your outcomes and future.

As your coach you can expect:
-integrity, professionalism and zero judgment
• help you expand your mind and thinking
• Help you find the root cause of your pain
• Teach you tools to change your future
• Be your guide along the way

It is an honor to work closely with clients and show them how to strengthen their minds and create the life they’ve been dreaming of. We all have the ability inside ourselves, but often need help with lighting the fire.

I am here for you. Let’s work together, light the fire and start the transformation!

Laura Moreno Coaching
The Shred Life – Shred Mastermind

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