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I’ve been through it all. After years of failed diets, wasted workouts, severe depression, and emotional turmoil I weighed in at a staggering 333lbs. It was my lowest point and my highest weight. I smiled in public and cried in private every single day. I’ve been where you are, I’ve experienced the pain and torture of being hopelessly overweight. Be it 10, 20, 30 or 130lbs it all feels like crap!

After years of failed diets, disappointing fads, and expensive programs that didn’t deliver, I decided to take a different approach. I wasn’t going to try another diet, I was going to make a different type of change.

I taught myself that the body can only achieve what the mind believes- it was Mind Over Body. That realization and daily practice helped me achieve what I NEVER thought was possible. After losing 130lbs, 40% of my total body weight, I completed an Iron Man/Subaru Triathlon, wrote a book, started a weight loss coaching program and grew my business into a 5,000 sq. foot fitness facility and global coaching practice.

“ I can talk the talk because I’ve walked the walk”

Today, as a certified life and weight coach, I work with clients around the world. Helping them break through their barriers, find their fire, unleash their beast and achieve their goals through SIMPLE, REALISTIC and POWERFUL changes in their life.

• Start wherever you are on your journey today
• Listen to your story
• Challenge and support you
• Keep you focused and moving forward
• Provide perspective, knowledge, coaching expertise and resources
• Be straight with you, even when it hurts
• Ask you the tough but powerful questions

It is my passion and goal to get you living and enjoying the life you’ve always dreamed of in the body you never thought possible. I believe every person out there is capable, resourceful, and powerful enough to do everything they want to do, once you learn to get out of your own way!

As your coach, my job is to show you how to access your inner warrior to find the strength, power, and skills that you already have in order to achieve everything you’ve always wanted.

Are you ready?
Dave Moreno Coaching
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